Free Little Library

When your classroom library outgrows your shelf space...  First World problem solution!  Minnesota teacher Gerrie Nielson shares her love for reading with her campus by keeping an empty locker filled with free books donated by the school and city library.  Brilliant!


Differentiating Instruction

If you have English Learners or Special Ed students in your classes reading significantly below reading level, this web site may help:  Rewordify. This site adjusts the Lexile of any reading selection.  You either select classic literature in public domain or cut and paste your own reading material into the online service.  Anything.  Articles, poetry,... Continue Reading →

Fake Reading

I just read a great article that offers tips to combat "fake reading" and to build genuine reading stamina -- something our kids are sorely lacking. In Berit Gordon's article "Choice Reading and the Class Novel: The Cure for Fake Reading," she advocates teaching close reading skills through teacher-selected passages of class novels.  To build... Continue Reading →

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